Leadership learning from Tony Hsieh

After 20 years, Tony Hsieh retired from CEO and left Zappos. There is a leadership learning opportunity in analyzing this period. You could find the details in this article. I also included this news section in one of my past newsletter issues.

Since I read his book Delivering Happiness in 2011 (a book that I always recommend), I’ve been interested in Tony and the multiple learnings from his career. I also wrote a post in my blog about him and his previous entrepreneurship.

Zappos is very well known for its culture and core values, and its wow customer service. Hsieh’s effort building and growing them will no doubt leave a lasting impression.

Company Culture and Core Values

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Give continuous feedback, but not a constant performance review

Make feedback normal, not a performance review was the title of my eleventh newsletter issue, and I started it with the following writing about continuous feedback. There are more topics in the newsletter. This post is only an excerpt from it.

Giving feedback is a hot topic. That’s why I used this quote, “Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.” from Ed Batista, an executive coach and writer.

Giving and receiving feedback should be part of our day-by-day, should be normal, not seen as a judgment.

Giving feedback to human beings

There are several ideas, articles, and frameworks to provide useful feedback. But the truth is that we are human, we are all different, and even if … Read the rest!

leadership styles

Leadership styles: Which ones define you?

I already wrote about what a leader is and what leadership means in my previous post about what makes a leader. But did you know that there are different leadership styles?

Leadership styles are classifications of how a person behaves while leading a group. To be effective as a manager, you might use several different leadership styles at any given time.

If you google a little, you’ll find a hundred thousand articles about leadership styles. In this post, I wanted to deepen just a little into different forms, based on different categorizations available.

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About the offboarding process, people leaving and rehiring

These thoughts and insights about the offboarding process, about people leaving, and even rehiring them after, were initially included in my last newsletter.

Hard times are moments of reflection

This pandemic year is very complicated for many companies, and still might be next year. This situation usually ends in a lot of changes, and good people are leaving. We’ve seen lots of layoffs during this period, e.g., we saw recently LinkedIn, Yelp, Optimizely, or Skyscanner. In the first newsletter, I shared this layoff tracker where you could have a quick vision of what’s going on.

I wanted to dedicate a time to reflect on how to deal with this process in the best way possible. It isn’t easy … Read the rest!